Keep us going: become an Allied Media Projects sustainer!

Did the AMC rock your world? Keep us going by signing up to become an Allied Media Projects sustainer.

AMC2013 is the biggest AMC ever. We are launching a sustainers program to keep our momentum going as we continue presenting our year-round Detroit Future Schools and Detroit Future Media programs, and begin preparation for the next AMC.

We are grateful for the generous foundation support we have received, and the funds raised through AMC registrations, but we need to broaden our base of grassroots support. We are asking supporters of Allied Media Projects to sign-up to make a monthly contribution to support our continued growth and evolution.

AMP board member Chance Williams just signed up to become our first sustainer:

Chance is a super-duper cool dude. Be like him and click here to sign up to become an Allied Media Projects Sustainer!

Contact us for more info about Allied Media Projects.

Support from participants like you makes our work possible. We appreciate you!

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