Un-break your technology in the DiscoTech Lab!

This year, the DiscoTech Lab will feature a staffed "Tech Help Desk"!

We've assembled a team that is excited to work with you to troubleshoot and fix faulty technology. The Detroit Digital Stewards, Redhook Digital Stewards, May First/People Link, POC technologists, and Open Technology Institute are joining forces at the AMC to help fix your broken technology through the help desk!

Come to the Tech Help Desk with your questions, problematic devices, or tech talents to offer support to others. If you have a major repair job like a broken screen or a harddrive that is not mounting, send an email to bcduggan@opentechinstitute.org with the make and model of your device. We will let you know if we can fix it, and send you a link to any parts you will need to purchase. We will bring all the necessary tools you need to help you get it back up and running.

If you are interested in learning more about tech support and troubleshooting technology, stop by the DiscoTech Lab to pick up a Tech Help Desk schedule. We will have activities in the DiscoTech lab throughout AMC weekend. Explore all of the DiscoTech Lab sessions.


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