You're invited! DFM and DFS closing celebration

Please join us June 8th at 12PM at Allied Media Projects (4126 3rd St, Detroit, MI) for a day of celebrations to mark the end of another year of media making for a more just and creative world. The day will include a potluck lunch, graduation ceremony and a gallery of final projects created by students in Detroit Future Media (DFM) and Detroit Future Schools (DFS).

The DFS program partners graduates from DFM with K-12 teachers in the Detroit area to design and implement digital media arts-integrated curriculum. The goal of DFS is to use digital media arts to provide the project-based learning experiences that students need to understand and shape their worlds. Participating teachers and artists receive a full year of professional development support to implement and improve their instructional practices.

DFM is a series of 20-week project based trainings for Detroiters interested in building Detroit’s media economy through the creation of grassroots media, and community cultural production. The program is a community led collaborative art and media education program that seeks to uplift grassroots community lead solutions and advocate for social change.

Check out this slideshow to learn more about a few the projects DFM participants are currently working on. These images are of participants during their Major Media Project checkin. The checkin is a peer review process where participants present their project proposal and receive feedback from their peers. The criteria for projects asks each student if their project (1) investigate a problem, (2) transform relationships - either internally, interpersonally and/or within a community, (3) explore solutions and (4) produces a clean and finished product.

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