Announcing AMC2013 Delegations

We’re excited to announce the nine official Delegations of the 15th annual Allied Media Conference! Delegations are groups who collectively fundraise for, travel to, and reflect on the Allied Media Conference together.

Organizing a delegation is a way to make your AMC experience more awesome, while also helping to make the AMC more accessible to your community. Look for the participants from these delegations as they volunteer, lead sessions, document, and generally rep their communities throughout the AMC weekend. Following the AMC, we will share reflections from the AMC delegations on the AMP website.

If you’d like to join members of these delegations in documenting the AMC, be sure to attend the AMC Doc Project session on Friday morning of the conference!

Read on, be inspired, and collect your own crew to be a delegation next year!

Decarcerate PA

The Decarcerate PA delegation is made up of organizers working to stop prison expansion, create community reentry programs, end the practice of trying juveniles as adults, stop immigrant detention and deportation, and create transformative justice practices. We come together unified in our message to stop prison construction in PA, and to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania and across the country. We are traveling from Philadelphia to Detroit to talk about the connections between prison growth, budget cuts, school closures, and expanded criminalization and detention.
#AMC2013 #DecarceratePA

CUCCI, Queer and Trans Angelinos

Our delegation is working together to prepare for our AMC workshops, while also aiming to connect with folks doing similar work outside of Los Angeles. We intend to build new relationships that will potentially be opportunities for future collaborations. There is no doubt that AMC will be an experience that will strengthen Cucci as a collective and queer and trans Angelinos as a healing social justice community, bringing us closer to the complexities of our own work, while expanding our resources and relationships with new comrades.

Urbana Indymedia

Urbana Indymedia is organizing against the new Jim Crow in our community with campaigns to stop jail expansion and promote restorative justice, end racial profiling and police brutality, keep drones out of our skies, grow affordable housing, resist forced relocations, and build universal, public broadband.
#AMC2013 ##UCIMC

The Chicago Delegation!

We are a dynamic group from Chicago and we're open to anybody in the Chicago Area joining us. Our identities include, but are not limited to Youth Activists, People with Disabilities, Parents, Trans*, Photographers, Artists, People of Color, Research and Kids! We all bring different knowledge, talents and resources with which we can support each other to make the trip to the AMC possible and fulfilling. We couldn't do this all separately. Forming this group facilitates a cohesive experience to reflect upon and share.
#AMC2013 #AlliedChi

The South Louisiana Media Delegation

We're a group of media-makers, activists, cultural workers, and artists living and organizing along the Gulf Coast. We are united by a shared desire to use media, art, and technology to communicate the stories of our region. The AMC will offer us a chance to meet other people doing a variety of media work across the nation, giving us the chance to learn from these interactions and conversations, as well as to sharpen our skill-sets and knowledge as we return South. Our aim is to reconnect with the soul and purpose of pursuing dignity and liberation through culture, technology, and storytelling.
#AMC2013 #gulfmedia

Southern Ontario Radically Fabulous Media Justice Collective

We are a mix of racialized, queer, under-/mis-represented folks who believe that media making is critical to building stronger communities and movements for radical change. As media makers, we are a mix of musicians, DJs, creative writers, community radio/sound producers, dancers/performers, visual and graphic designers, DIY publishers. We want to build skills and strategize through media together towards building anti-colonial, transformative, & community accountable movements.
#AMC2013 #SORadFabmedia


INCITE! is growing and changing! As an AMC delegation we are here to further build network cohesion through the experience of making face-to-face connections in the convening space that we know and love. Additionally, as we move toward restructuring and streamlining online and off-line communications strategies, we look forward to AMC as place to identify folks within our network who want to learn and/or have skills and knowledge to share to further INCITE's communications aspirations. We also look forward to connecting with others outside of our network that can help inform and support our communications goals.

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