DFM Saturday Series (April 27): "Research Tools for You and Your Friends"

We have more access to more data today than at anytime in history. With computers in our pockets and cameras at every corner, we’re collecting more data than ever before. But is everything I want to know being measured?

And where does all this data go? How can I find it, and show it to someone else?

Come learn, talk about and see tools we can use to start to collect and visualize data for ourselves!

"Research Tools for You and Your Friends" will be led by original Detroit Futurist, N8 Mullen and Joe Rodriguez-Tanner.

The workshop is Saturday, April 27th from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St, Detroit.

All DFM Saturday Series workshops are open the public with a suggested donation of $5. Seats are limited, RSVP here

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