Diana J. Nucera to present at Women’s Funding Network conference

On April 10 to 12, Women’s Funding Network is holding its annual conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Diana J. Nucera, Allied Media Projects Co-Director, will speak on the keynote panel, "Deconstructing the Digital Divide: Building a Healthy Digital Ecology."

The theme of the Women’s Funding Network conference is "Investing in Women: New Models for Giving, Impact and Collaboration."

About the conference:

This will be a powerful gathering of diverse perspectives and practical solutions for all of us who are working toward a better world for women and girls.

When you come, expect to be energized by your connection to more than 160 women’s funds around the world. We’ll share expertise on everything from women-led philanthropy to program evaluation, donor engagement, and technology. This will be an opportunity to engage with leaders on the front lines of social investment, while exploring issues and tools that drive the work of change.

"Deconstructing the Digital Divide: Building a Healthy Digital Ecology"

Friday, April 12, 9 to 9:45 am – Keynote
with Virginia Eubanks, Our Knowledge, Our Power; The Popular Technology Workshops and Diana Nucera, Allied Media Projects; Detroit Digital Justice Coalition.

Despite celebrations of Twitter Revolutions and social media activism, the relationship between new information technology and the social justice goals of peace, freedom, equality and dignity for all is contradictory. New communications tools and the information economy pose particular challenges for poor and working women. Learn best practices for empowering communities to build a healthy digital ecology.

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