"How We Organize the AMC Zine Vol. 1" now available for purchase and download

The Allied Media Conference was founded as the Midwest Zine Conference in 1999 and we are excited to carry forward the zine practice and culture as we enter the conference's 15th year with the release of How We Organize the AMC Zine Vol. 1.

The AMC Zine is part advice, part process, part strategy and all awesome!

It includes tools for coordinating presenters, logistics, fundraising, and the magic that happens every summer in Detroit. The focus of this first volume of the AMC Zine is on the fine art of the Tracks, Practice Spaces, Network Gatherings (TPSNG) organizing process.

Beautifully designed by our friends at The Work Department, the zine features contributions from Allied Media Projects staff and veteran AMC coordinators. Its contents offer theoretical vision, practical tips, and best practices that we hope will make the AMC organizing process as smooth and effective as possible, and will hopefully inspire other similar gatherings.
AMC Zine vol. 1

Purchase a print copy of the zine

...or download a free PDF.

Download it, share it, use it to get to the conference! It contains tips for good AMC content (ahem, Session Proposals), fundraising and all the moving parts that make the AMC come alive.


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