Call for Session Proposals: Webmaking

In the Webmaking track of the Allied Media Conference, we will explore the ways to use technology to build digital and human webs—networks and communities that span online and offline worlds.

"Webmakers" in our track will:

  • TELL STORIES of their experience or their communities on the web
  • MOBILIZE their movements 140 characters at a time
  • DISCOVER technology, and overcome fear or discomfort with technology
  • CODE applications that support movements or change the way we connect with one another
  • DESIGN beautiful digital things that welcome and empower the people who use them
  • COORDINATE and PLAN projects and campaigns
  • BUILD communities online and open communication channels that transcend physical boundaries
  • ORGANIZE and COLLABORATE as technologists in ways that reflect social justice values
  • DEVISE tactics for privacy and security
  • CHALLENGE uses of technology that are inappropriate or high-resource
  • TEACH others how to use and make the Internet and LEARN from their experiences and perspectives

We invite webmakers of all stripes to help us bring together amazing content for this year’s AMC. We're particularly excited to see sessions proposals that are:

  • focused on the social and political. Sessions don’t have to be technical in nature; instead, they can be Internet-related but focused on the social and political aspects and implications of using technology in our work.
  • hands-on. Proposals that involve hands-on activities or other forms of active participation are encouraged.
  • shapeshifting. We'd love to see sessions that are presented by, fiercely inclusive of, and centered around people who don't receive or demand the most resources, attention or space in established technology communities and practice.
  • emergent. We're interested in new or underrepresented practices or applications of practices that come from new perspectives.

If you have any questions about the track or your session ideas, feel free to contact us by emailing Jack at

Proposals are due March 8, 2013 at midnight.

You may post comments or questions for the organizers on the Webmaking discussion page on AMPtalk.

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