Coordinators of Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings Convene to Plan Best AMC Ever

On January 18-20, organizers from around the country gathered at the Allied Media Projects office in Detroit to plan for the 21 Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings (TPSNG) of the 15th annual Allied Media Conference.

The AMC2013 Coordinators Meeting came a full six months ahead of that special weekend in June when hundreds of media makers descend upon Detroit to share their love for media tools, technologies and strategies, storytelling, communications campaigns, and much more.

At the meeting, coordinators were introduced (or re-introduced for the many returning coordinators) to the process of organizing the AMC. We worked on solidifying the visions of each TPSNG. Through "speed-dating" sessions, we encouraged cross-pollination between TPSNGs (for example, what happens at the intersection of Webmaking and Healing Justice?).

We also got into the nitty-gritty of grassroots fundraisng plans and the coordinating structures for each TPSNG. We explored best practices for ensuring that workshops are as hands-on, participatory, and accessible as possible.

AMC Coordinators Meeting

Inspired by Allied Media Project's "strategy screen", each TPSNG created its own unique strategy screen for evaluating session proposals, logistical considerations, and collaboration opportunities.

In preparation for a milestone year in the life of the conference, we introduced a new resource into the AMC Coordinators organizing process, the How We Organize the AMC Zine, Vol. 1. The zine includes contributions from AMC coordinators, participants and conference staff and offers detailed guidelines to the meticulous and magical process of curating AMC content and creating a conference culture of fun and collaborative learning. The zine will soon be available for download and purchase through this website.

Get ready for the best AMC ever, and in the meantime, check out a little time-lapse footage of the AMC Coordinators in action. The video was recorded by coordinators of the Discovering Technology (DiscoTech) Lab:


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