Healing Together Network Gathering seeks mini-sessions

At the last Allied Media Conference, health practitioners, healers, and healing justice organizers gathered for dinner. Most said, "I want to see a North American Healing Network!"

Well, we heard you!

This year, we’d love for you to join us at the AMC to gather and strengthen the health and healing related work we do.

The day-long Healing Together Network Gathering will take place on Thursday, June 20, the first day of AMC2013. We will come gather to strategize and develop a network structure that explores the barriers, challenges and dreams we have for a Healing Justice network throughout the continent. This will be a space for all genders and all bodies where participants can build upon last year's conversation and work. Our mission is to explore and strengthen the work that happens at the intersections health, healing, media and organizing.


The Healing Together Network Gathering is seeking mini-sessions for the gathering. Mini-sessions can be an introductory workshop, presentation, facilitated discussion, group activity, art, movement or any other format you can imagine!

Examples of potential content:

  • Creating a take-home collaboratively compiled Healing Together zine, including handwritten herbal remedies, relaxation exercises, healing tips or other resources
  • Small group discussions focused on dealing with the challenges we face in healing work that come back together in a larger group to creatively display our responses
  • An activity that uses our bodies to physically map in the room the places where we do healing work, followed by breaking into smaller groups by region to discuss strategies and possible collaborations.
  • Mini-sessions that build capacity within health organizations/collectives or individual practice (i.e. successfully using alternative payment systems, how to find or use best-practices, community outreach strategies, etc.)
  • Activities that center around a shared meal: engaging in meaningful, intentional community together and creating traditions as a group

Things to consider when proposing a mini-session:

  • Does the content in your proposed mini-session build in safety and sensitivity towards specific participants (i.e. people of color, disability community, activists, sexual assault survivors, LGBTQI)?
  • How can you support participants as they process the content of your session?
  • Can you imagine any juicy collaborations for your mini-session?

Please contact us with any ideas that might make our process more accessible in terms of proposal support, outreach, or the development and structure of the network gathering.

Proposals are due March 8, 2013. Submit your proposal directly to amchealingtogether@gmail.com

You may also post comments or questions for the organizers on the Healing Together Network Gathering discussion page on AMPtalk.

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