It's time to propose a session for AMC2013. Ready, steady, go!

We are now accepting session proposals for the 15th annual Allied Media Conference. The deadline to propose a workshop, panel discussion, caucus or strategy session is Friday, March 8.

Propose your session via AMPtalk »

The Allied Media Conference shares and celebrates innovations from the intersection of community-based art, technology, education, and media-based organizing for social justice. We're excited to fill AMC2013 with presenters of all ages, backgrounds, identities and abilities who want to help us explore the ways media and communications can transform our lives and our communities.

We are pleased to introduce the 21 participant-organized Tracks, Practice Spaces and Network Gatherings for AMC2013:


  • (No) Blank Slates: A DET X NOLA Cultural Exchange
  • Detroit Future Youth
  • I ♥ Print Media
  • Fierce Fashion Futures
  • Imagining Better Futures Through Play
  • Research Justice
  • Science and Social Movements
  • Webmaking
  • Engaging Power: Media Rights and Our Movements


  • Healing Justice
  • Discovering Technology Lab
  • Kids Transform the World
  • Movement//Movement
  • Transformative Arts Practice Space


  • Healing Together
  • Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives
  • Nation Inside
  • Research Justice Network Gathering
  • Werk It! Trans and Queer Youth
  • Brown Bois: Creating a New Masculinity
  • Detroit Future Schools

Read descriptions of the TPSNGs (Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings) on AMPtalk. We are seeking proposals for sessions that can be hosted within this year's TPSNGs, or that stand alone in their awesomeness as part of the all-encompassing General Track.

Session proposals will be reviewed by a committee that includes TPSNG coordinators, advisers and Allied Media Projects staff. These reviewers will consider the following criteria when evaluating session proposals:

  • Does this session advance media strategies for a more just and creative world?
  • Is this session aligned with the AMP Network Principles?
  • Does this session evolve or build-off of ideas from previous AMC years?

Read the AMC2013 "Proposing Content" FAQs for more information. Also check out our recently published Tips for Awesome AMC Workshops, Panels, and Caucuses.

Submit your session proposal via AMPtalk.

If you have questions, need assistance, or want to brainstorm ideas, don't hesitate to contact us.


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