Prometheus Radio Project launches tour to spread community radio across the U.S.

Prometheus Radio Project has supported the Allied Media Conference since way back in the Bowling Green, OH days. They've contributed to the AMC as participants, sponsors, and coordinators, and have organized our community to win the Local Community Radio Act and are supporting the development of grassroots radio stations across the country.

Prometheus is launching a Reclaim The Airwaves Tour and we are pleased to help spread the word. Here are the details on how to get involved.


Radio is more than top 40 hits and Rush Limbaugh. When radio is controlled by corporations it makes your ears hurt, but in the hands of community groups it can be a powerful tool. Imagine if each city had community media centers with radio stations, video production studios, internet streaming and more - owned and controlled locally by our movements. Thousands of brand new noncommercial radio licenses are going up for grabs nationwide thanks to the recent passage of the Local Community Radio Act. Nonprofits and community groups have a historic chance over the next year to apply for these licenses and seize the airwaves into the future. This is expected to be the largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history, and the final major giveaway of the radio spectrum. While people of color make up over 36% of the U.S. population they own just 7% of all radio licenses and 3% of TV licenses. This is the biggest opportunity in more than a generation for people of color and other communities to gain access and ownership of the broadcast airwaves.

The FCC has indicated the deadline to apply for licenses will be in Spring/Summer 2013. Prometheus Radio Project is supporting social justice groups, media-makers, nonprofits, and more to get on the air and sustain new stations. This November we're kicking off the Reclaim the Airwaves Tour, traveling through the Southeast supporting groups to build stations that can amplify their stories, mobilize neighborhoods, and help win campaigns.

The work we do over the next months can pay off for decades with a national network of multimedia studios that educate, agitate, and make dance moves proliferate! It's up to us to decide the future of independent media and community radio. Help spread the word among your networks!

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