AMP to present at Grantmakers in the Arts 2012 Conference

Next week, Allied Media Projects Co-Director Jenny Lee will attend the 2012 Grantmakers in the Arts Conference in Miami, FL to present on the panel "Are we Making a Difference? Evaluating the Impact of Arts and Social Justice projects" alongside Rinku Sen of the Applied Research Center and Ken Chen of the Asian American Writers Workshop.

The panel is being organized by Judi Jenkins, Executive Director of the Kentucky Fund for Women, Maurine Knighton, Senior Vice President and Program Director of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and Lynn Stern, Senior Program Officer at the Surdna Foundation.

Panel description:

How do the twin goals of strong artistic expression and measureable social impact find balance in artists’ creative work around social change? What does success look like in arts and social justice projects from the viewpoint of aesthetics? Social justice advocacy goals? Is there a holistic definition of success that bridges the fields of arts & culture and social justice advocacy? In the opening panel conversation of this salon session, grantmakers will learn how artists and social justice advocates think about impact and the way it is measured in arts and social justice projects. Reflecting on this information, grantmakers will then discuss and define their understanding of success as it relates to these projects.

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