Let AMC2013 season begin! Propose a Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space

It is time to submit proposals for Tracks, Practice Spaces and Network Gatherings for the 15th annual Allied Media Conference, June 20-23, 2013 in Detroit. This is your opportunity to shape the major content areas of the AMC and make sure that this year's conference is awesome.

Ready to apply now? Head over to AMPtalk to submit your proposal.


The experience of coordinating an AMC Track was truly awesome. I loved feeling so welcome and that all coordinators seemed to be totally invested in the common goal of making the AMC awesome. I got so much support outside of our network gathering coordinators group - everyone helped!
- AMC2012 Coordinator

Before you submit your proposal, consider the questions:

  • What seeds were planted at AMC2012 that could be nurtured into an amazing Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space at AMC2013?
  • How can we build upon the amazingness of returning Tracks, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces?
  • What are some brand new ideas for Tracks, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces will embody AMP Network principles and advance our practices of media-based organizing? (we define "media-based organizing" as any collaborative process that uses media, art or technology to bring about a more just and creative world.

Once you have considered these questions, decide which content umbrella makes the most sense for your idea.

Tracks are series of up to 12 AMC sessions (aka workshops, strategy sessions, presentations or caucuses) that explore a focus area of media-based organizing. They should contain a mix of hands-on skill-sharing, strategy and theory. For example, last year's Webmaking Track included the sessions "Bake Your Own Website" (skill-sharing), "Keeping Track:Surveillance and Organizing" (strategy) and "Civic Hacking for Self-Governance" (theory). A track must be open and broadly relevant to the AMC community as a whole.

Network Gatherings are day-long mini-conferences on the Thursday before the AMC for focused strategy conversations within networks. They may be a convening point for established networks or the launch pad for brand-new ones. They also provide an 'orientation' for groups to get their bearings and to plan how to get the most out of the AMC, before diving in. A track may be open to the whole AMC community or closed to specific groups.

Practice Spaces foster collaborative art and media projects, hands-on sessions and open studio time for participants throughout the weekend. It is a physical space in which to implement a practice that makes the conference more accessible, transformative and wonderful for everyone.

Review the descriptions of last year's Track, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces, here.

Contact amc@alliedmedia.org if you have any additional questions, or if you'd like to bounce ideas off AMP staff before submitting your proposal.

Without further adieu, let the proposing begin!


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