AMC2012 Reflections: Detroit Future Youth at the AMC

Detroit Future Youth (DFY) was one of the loudest and proudest delegations at this year’s Allied Media Conference. DFY is a network of 12 Detroit youth organizations who are fusing social justice organizing with creativity and digital media production.

DFY rolled deep, bringing nearly 100 youth participants to the AMC. About 35% of AMC participants this year were from the city of Detroit and 45% were youth.

Shane Bernardo brought youth to the AMC from DFY-affiliates the Detroit Asian Youth Project and Youth Farm Stand. In a reflection following the conference Shane wrote, "We all concur that this year's AMC was the best out of all the ones we attending in the past. I don't think any of us were really ready for what we collectively and individually experienced. In addition to making some really great friends, we all picked up some great info on how media is being used as an organizing, community building and healing tool in other parts of the country. Overall, it was a really great experience."

On Thursday evening of the AMC, Detroit Future Youth hosted, along with other DF programs (Detroit Future Media and Detroit Future Schools) a welcome-to-Detroit event for AMC participants at the Furniture Factory. The event featured performances, a media showcase, and we made an awesome animated music video.

Bright and early the next morning, DFY released their Curriculum Mixtape in one of the first sessions of the conference. They described the session as "a soft launch" of a living curriculum compilation (aka "mixtape") that DFY partners are mixing together to highlight the beautiful and inspiring work taking place in pockets throughout the city. The session was alive with activity. A packed room of young people, educators and advocates came through to reflect and listen. Check out the live tweets on their AMPtalk session page.

Check out this short clip from the workshop:

DFY Network participant Dakari Carter described the importance of mixtape, "There are a lot of organizations at the AMC who could benefit from our mixtape. While sustaining the future of DFY they can help their organization. Plus they get to see what youth in Detroit are up to, what we're doing."

DFY Network participant Tulani added, "The mixtape is a way to get inspiration for those who haven't joined organizations or started something. They can take inspiration from us."

You can check out the DFY Curriculum Mixtape Trailer here and purchase the curriculum here.


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