Welcome to the AMC MagicNet!

This year we have a new wireless network at the AMC: the MagicNet! It is a Wifi network, built to provide attendees with Internet access, but also with the purpose of providing local applications and resources for exploration and collaboration.

To log on, access the wireless network "AMC-MagicNet," with the suffix of the room you are closest to. Access is available in the McGregor Conference Center and Community Arts classrooms, but next year we hope to expand the network to all of the session areas (and beyond!).

You will have to click through a splash page after you connect to the network. Just hit "Accept", and you will be taken to another page with links to the various digital resources at the AMC, including the session browser, the AMC-FM live radio, and TidePools - social mesh and mapping software. TidePools is a application we are experimenting with this year, to allow AMC attendees to build and define their own map of experiences at the conference.

The network is based on mesh networking technology, that allows routers and computers to talk directly to each other rather than going through a big ISP or other intermediary. It runs on the Commotion software, built by the Open Technology Institute, part of Detroit's Digital Justice Coalition.

Hope to see you on the MagicNet!

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