Live documentation of #AMC2012 with AMPtalk

We just overhauled the look of the AMPtalk discussion platform and are rolling out new features to support live documentation of the 14th annual Allied Media Conference. Many thanks to our web design and development partners The Work Department.

Session pages are launched. Click on a session in the session browser and then click "Read More & Discuss" to navigate to each session discussion page. From the session discussion page you can:

  • Post a comment with your AMPtalk account.
  • Click "Tweet about this" and use two assigned hashtags for the session. In order for your tweets to be archived on session discussion pages, you will need to use both of the assigned hashtags in your tweet. We are also experimenting with archiving Twitter media, so AMPtalk may be able to grab images posted to Twitter and archive on the discussion page. Pretty cool.
  • Click "Etherpad Notes." This opens a unique Etherpad for live, collaborative note-taking on each AMC session. Etherpad rules!

Have fun and take lots of documentation.

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