Plan your approach: 3 tools for exploring AMC2012

The 14th annual Allied Media Conference features over 200 participant-organized sessions, caucus meetings, strategy sessions, network gatherings, practice spaces, music events and parties. It's a lot of content to get your head around so we designed three tools to help you chart your path through the AMC: the AMC2012 Program Booklet, a Schedule Matrix Poster, and the online conference Session Browser.

High fives to The Work Department who led the graphic design and web development related to each of these projects. It was quite an adventure pushing such an interesting and bountiful pile of AMC content data around across multiple platforms. Hopefully everything fell into the right place!


The page count of the printed AMC program booklet has grown steadily over the years. Our archive of AMC materials includes program books going back to 2004 when the number of pages was 32. Through 2011, the number of pages in the program book increased at an average growth rate of 17% each year, with the 2011 program at 96 pages.

For 2012, that number is going way up to 158 pages. That's because its going to be a bigger AMC than ever before, but also because we are going with a bigger font size than ever. Yay, readability! It's no longer a booklet, its a book, perfect bound on recycled paper. Free copy to all registered AMC participants.

The book is off at the printers, but you can have a peak right now at the digital version:

AMC program book promo image


We printed a schedule matrix in the AMC program booklet up until 2011, when it got too big to fit the dimensions of the booklet and we skipped it entirely. But, we heard from a lot of AMCers that you really needed the matrix to navigate the conference and the lack of one in 2011 threw you off.

This year it is coming back, now in the form of an 11" x 25.5" poster, with the schedule details on one side and a snazzy AMC graphic on the flip. It is both a map of conference content and a nice addition to you bedroom wall! Registered AMC participants get one. Click the image below to enter The Matrix:



Use the online Session Browser to filter your selections by track, practice space, and network gathering, and by date, time, and location.

When you log in with your AMPtalk account, you can bookmark sessions and plan your path through the AMC. Go click some hearts.

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