Support Eco-Media Practice Space and receive a digital album

Support the Eco-Media Practice Space at the Allied Media Conference and receive the "ROOTS OF RESISTANCE: eco media for eco justice album"! Suggested minimum $5 donation.



Calling all lovers of life! Find out why sustainability is sexy by joining us beyond the walls of Wayne State for any (or all) of 3 delicious dates: (1) an eye-opening eco-justice tour of Detroit, (2) a kiss-n-tell-yo'-friends intergenerational farm-to-fork dinner featuring a healthy heaping of local foods, and (3) a special edition taping of the new solar-powered tantric cooking show Live Food n Live Fuel for Live Fun in the Sun with Leslie Faith. We guarantee that this won't be any regular ol' courtship! We are going to collectively define what it means to be "green" by practicing principles of sustainability in real time. Life at AMC may seem short, but it sure is sweet. Come out with us this weekend as we live long, strong, and hot while staying cool with Mother Earth!


ROOTS OF RESISTANCE was originally produced to support the Eco-Justice Media-Making for Sustainable Communities track at the 2010 Allied Media Conference. The album celebrates life, love, and revolution in favor of people and the planet. Challenging borders, chronic asthma, gentrification, privatization, and razor-wire in our hoods and homelands.

THIS eco-justice CD compilation (produced with the help of many amazing artists/activists/organizers) encourage everyone to connect the dots between environmental and social justice issues.

Your $upport of this cd project (100%) will help offset the travel expenses of artists, grassroots community organizers, and youth media-makers within a growing national network of eco-justice activists... making it possible for them to meet-up in Detroit in June to participate in the Allied Media Conference.

This cd benefit project also supports the network’s larger goal of creating transformative living and learning spaces where young people and adults co-create media that utilizes social justice strategies to raise our collective, critical environmental and social consciousness, and support sustainable lifestyle choices.

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