AMC2012 preview: 20 sessions

The AMC2012 schedule is 99.9% complete and we are building a new online session browser to present the sweeping range of content of this year's conference. We can't show it to you yet, but it is coming, soon soon soon! We know many are chomping at the bit to explore the AMC2012 conference schedule, so to tide you over we grabbed a sampling of 20 sessions.

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Fostering a Culture of Repair

Consumer culture has eroded our ability to repair the items that we own and use every day. It has even eroded our sense of our right to repair the everything that we own. In Fostering a Culture of Repair, you'll learn why repair is an essential skill and how items that we are encouraged to think of as disposable are actually reparable. We'll defy consumer culture by replacing a laptop's cracked LCD display. We'll discuss how to replace consumer culture with repair culture by sharing the skills we'll learn in this workshop in our local communities.

Google Maps is not The Map

Have you ever wanted to make your own map but you didn't know how? Do you want to use your GPS/smart phone? People usually approach maps as inert things, as invariable objects. Now, it's easy to make your own maps and meanwhile understand that maps are not neutral, that Google Maps is not The Map, but just another map. GPS devices and smart phones, DIY aerial cartography (the Public Laboratory), OpenStreetMap map making, are making easier building maps and sharing them. BYO laptop, smartphone or GPS, but if you don't have one, come anyway. Maps can be drawn with a pencil.

OccupyResearch: DIY Data Analysis

Why do we need Research Justice for Occupy? Knowledge can build and maintain, as well as to upset, power. OccupyResearch worked with the 99% to develop participatory research that included a broader base in the process of forming research questions, choosing methods, developing research tools, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating results. This is our data, and our analysis. In this workshop we'll use the Occupy General Demographic and Participation Survey data for a DIY analysis workshops. Together we'll move from raw data to analysis to building a strategy for action!

Culture Shift: One Story at a Time

We are the 77.5%! In the 2000 Census, only 22.5% of households classified themselves as 2 heterosexual parents and 2 biological children. So, why does this traditional definition of family continue to dominate social debate and policy making? We need to interrupt this dominant narrative and redefine family in our terms! Participants will hear about storytelling as a strategy to do just that. They will share their own stories, and from the Strong Families model, learn how story telling can be used to shift culture, shape campaigns, and build collaborations across sectors.

"Secret Survivors" Documentary Premiere

Child sexual abuse affects at least one in four girls and one in six boys by age 18. In 2010, Ping Chong & Co. convened five survivors in NYC to share their stories through the theater production Secret Survivors. The show urges viewers to politicize trauma and to consider solutions beyond the criminal legal system, and includes multiple stories of survivors living at the intersections of oppression. To expand the project reach and include more survivors' narratives, we have created a documentary based on the show, which we'll screen for the first time at the AMC followed by a Q&A.

Bake Your Own Website

This beginner-focused session is for anyone who wants to make a real website without bumping into the limitations of services like Tumblr, Blogspot or Together we'll learn the recipe, ingredients, and steps to bake a website from scratch: getting a domain and hosting, installing the Wordpress CMS, choosing a theme, customizing it with HTML and CSS, and designing it to be accessible. Participants will work in small groups on demo sites, so bring your own laptop if you can, and be prepared to share!

Connective Tissue: Organizing Embodied

This workshop explores how we can build successful social movements that will not only win campaign victories but also transform the systemic roots of trauma. Through collaborative exercises we will practice body awareness and somatic healing techniques, and share strategies for incorporating embodied practices into our organizing work.

Non-Toxic Tactics for Online Communities

How can we make online communities safer, more emotionally supportive, or even liberatory? This interactive brainstorming discussion is for anyone who manages or participates in an online community. It might be the comments section of your own blog, a Tumblr neighbourhood or any other corner of the Internet you call home. We'll explore practical ways to practice self-care, deal with conflicts, "call-outs," and more. We'll also reflect on what community and accountability might look like online, and how to subvert or transcend the unique challenges of online interaction.

Online Funding Platform Strategies

Funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a way for you to not only get "cash in hand" for your project, but also market your project to the world before it is completed. For filmmakers who work in social justice with time sensitive projects these funding outlets can be priceless. In this strategy session we will discuss skills and strategy to get the most out of the online funding platform model, and develop a checklist of things to do before launching your online campaign.

Radical Organizing from the Dancefloor

"You’re an activist? But you party so much!" Political activism and dancefloors – the languages don’t always overlap, neither do the people – but nightlife is key to survival and sanity for many marginalized communities. We will come up with tools to discuss nightlife with activists, the impact that cultural spaces can have, and how to embody activism on the dancefloor. Come share your favorite stories of political pleasure, failure or success on the dancefloor, and we will strategize responses to them, and other scenarios we have encountered as DJs and event planners.

Raising Voices: Intro to Podcasting

Say it loud! Ever heard a radio program or podcast and thought, "I could do that"? Or maybe you have something to say that the world needs to hear. If so, this is the place for you! A fun, informative introduction to podcasting, this session will provide advice on establishing your own podcast/radio station. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate a range of podcasts, as well as record, edit and publish a group one. Laptops are welcome.

Octavia's Brood: Writing the Next Story

Edible space ships, off-grid "resistor" towns, and alien-induced polyamory are some of the projections for challenge and change for human survival in Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood. What happens when we embrace change? When change is no longer challenging? Can we live our fantasies? Join us for a celebration of our collective awakening as we take a personal look inside the Lilith’s Brood series and collectively write the next short story in this series, redefining land, life, love, and liberation.

Get It Right: Research, Power, and Community

How can communities ensure that they have a voice in what is said about them, how they are portrayed, and how (and by whom) their data is collected, used, and stored? In this session we will discuss ways to give researched people more power over research, offering tools and strategies for greater community control.

Classic Board Games for Creative Action

Ever wonder what goes into the iconic board and playground games that have been played in the U.S. for generations? This session will use classic board and playground games to talk about the design elements of games generally, and explore ways these favorites can be gently tweaked, nudged, and hacked into being tools for players to think and learn about concepts and practices for a more just and creative world. We'll also get started on our own game hacks. Bring your favorite board game, or pick from one of the ones provided. Kids are welcome in this session, and the activities will be interesting for ages 8 and up.


In a digital world of non-stop music discovery, it is important to remember the origins of music and the traditional techniques and styles of how music is made. Beatboxing is a sometimes-forgotten medium that still plays an important role in the production world. In this session we will discuss how beaboxing began, where beatboxing is going, and how it can stay relevant in this digital age. We will also get hands on and learn to beatbox. Get excited because by the end of this session we will be recording a jam for the whole AMC conference to hear!

Streaming Social Movements

Want to start broadcasting, right now? You don't need a radio signal, just a webstream. With just an Internet connection, a few open source programs, and some rubber bands and glue, you can connect your voice and your programs to web listeners (rubber bands and glue are optional). In this bilingual workshop we will learn free, open source tools to create our own webstreams. We will set up a mountpoint, connect an audio interface, and start streaming live.

Mobile Justice: The Next Frontier

Mobile devices have become the primary means that youth, communities of color and low-wealth communities use to access the Internet. This new form of Internet access is facing a number of emerging threats due to consolidation in the mobile industry and government policies that favor big corporations over our communities. Join us to learn how national, regional and local organizations came together to stop a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile that many thought was inevitable. An interactive timeline will show us lessons we need to pursue policies that protect our communities.

The Hip Hop Coloring Book

What happens when you combine coloring and Hip Hop? You get an awesome activity book that teaches Hip Hop history and encourages users to create outside the lines. It's the Hip Hop Coloring Book! Join Creative Shields for this fun and energetic art workshop where you will learn the principles of Hip Hop and what it takes to be a creative force of nature. All ages are welcome to participate.

Transformative Justice Sci-Fi Reader Launch

Transformative Justice Science Fiction Reader, begun at AMC2011. Containing awesome writing about how writers like Nalo Hopkinson, Nnedi Okorafor, Samuel Delaney and more have imagined ways to deal with violence without police or prisons, this reader will help us dream our way into putting transformative justice into practice. Participants will walk away with copies of the Reader and the opportunity to continuously build on it via a Tumblr and Googledoc!

Eco Justice Media Tour of Detroit

Travel beyond the walls of the AMC to learn about, reflect upon, and co-create eco-media that connects our home communities with environmental justice issues facing overlooked and underserved residents in Detroit. Highlighting the city's Southwest industrial corridor – the most polluted zip code in the state of Michigan (48217) – we will engage with the local community’s long history of organizing and advocating for change at the policy level. Learn about the critical role environmental justice media plays in the movement, and how telling your story creates change!

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