VIDEO | Help sick and disabled folks attend this year’s Allied Media Conference.

Help us grow disability justice at the Allied Media Conference and in our communities! Support the Creating Collective Access fundraising campaign (there are perks for your contribution!) and check out the campaign video.


The Allied Media Conference is a national conference that takes place in Detroit every summer, and brings together the worlds of social justice, technology, media making, and popular education. Since 2010, it has been a gathering place for disability justice activists (as well as activists for many other social justice issues), and it has provided a space to grow the emerging disability justice framework. Creating Collective Access began in 2010 with a group of queer physically disabled women of color working to make the AMC accessible for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, especially queer and trans* disabled people of color. We grew exponentially in 2011 and are hoping to continue our work at the 2012 AMC.

Creating Collective Access is a cosmic practice space happening all over the AMC, with the goal of making the conference more accessible and awesome for folks with disabilities and chronic illnesses. We are practicing the kind of community access, support, and love we know is possible, building fierce community and support by and for disabled and chronically ill folks! We are building on past work at the AMC to create a sustainable model for crip-led, community-supported access. By building relationships, care, crip/disabled solidarity and solidarity with allies we are empowering those who have been traditionally marginalized, especially queer and trans* people, women, and gender non-conforming disabled/chronically ill people of color. We are resisting the individualization of access in movements and envisioning new ways of building community and being in movement spaces.


We are working to raise $2,500 to help cover travel and accessibility costs (like renting wheelchair scooters, for example) as well as food and attendant care for our organizers and some of our members.

Without this money, Creating Collective Access cannot happen, and it is fundamental to the growth of the disability justice movement as well as to the environment of the AMC.

In return, we are gifting our collective brilliance! Including custom writings by Savannah, tarot readings by A'ishah, vegan baking by Rachel, custom herbal packages and consultations by Christine, reiki from billie and Christine, non-toxic body products from billie's company fierce bodies, and media from dual power productions.


Creating Collective Access at the Allied Media Conference has provided a space for disability justice activists to create a model of collective access that we can then bring back to our own communities. Because of Creating Collective Access, our disability justice movement at the AMC, people have created collective access projects in their own communities. CCA in 2010 led to To the Other Side of Dreaming (, a project for two queer disabled women of color to move across the country and live in community. What we've learned from the AMC has also grown our ability to bring the disability justice framework into other social justice environments, in the hopes of making our movements fully inclusive and sustainable. It has changed the shape of the AMC as well - our work has led to the conference as a whole becoming more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Your donation helps us to grow this work for our third year at the Allied Media Conference.


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