Immune Power!

The AMC2012 Healing Justice Practice Space is fundraising to support healers' travel to the conference by offering Immune Power Powder packs to contributors of $35 or more.

Many of you will remember last year's practice space which generously offered reiki, massage, acupuncture, yoga, doula support, counseling, dance/movement, somatic and art therapies to conference participants. You can support the HJPS mission of supporting individual and collective healing, and an environment of wellness and safety for AMC participants, by purchasing your Immune Power Powder pack. Read below a message from HJPS coordinator Autumn Brown:

Hello Good People!

As many of you already know, I am a devoted member of the Allied Media Conference organizing community. This year I have the privilege, honor, and delight to once again be organizing the Healing Justice Practice Space at the 2012 Allied Media Conference (in Detroit June 28-July 2, Check. It. Out.) If you haven't been to the AMC, you may have heard that it's a space where we come together to share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing. Pretty hip. If you have been to the AMC, you know that it is one of the most transformative, diverse, and inspiring national gatherings that exists. The incredible work I witness and learn from at the AMC fuels my work through the rest of the year.

The Healing Justice Practice Space at the AMC brings together health care practitioners and healers from all over the country to offer their health and wellness services in a shared, integrative health care space. It is also a gathering point for those of us who are building community projects and accessible spaces for health and wellness, those of us who are strategically bringing health and healing into the social justice movement – a place for us to share our resources and wisdom, to gain new tools and skills from one another, to sit in awe of the incredible work we are advancing in spite of the massive weight of the medical, prison, and military industrial complex. Wow, we rock!

So how do we get all of these dope healers in one place? That's where you come in (I hope)! We are running the world's sexiest fundraiser, and we fully expect you to be so seduced by how awesome it is that you cannot help but donate money. The Good Fight Herb Company has created handcrafted Immune Power Powders, dissoluble herbal medicines that build on the strength of your own immune system to help you fight illness in all it's many forms. If you make a donation of $40 or more to the Healing Justice Practice Space, you receive one of these beautiful handmade gift packs in the mail. All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to travel scholarships for healers. We plan to raise over $1000, with your help! Make your way to the AMPstore to get yours.

There are only 24 left, so definitely order yours ASAP. Of course, you can make a donation to the practice space at any time. All funds go directly to travel scholarships for healers who are driving, flying, busing, and beaming their way to the conference; and to buying supplies for their incredible healing work.

Be well-Autumn

Learn more about the Immune Power Powders and make your donation today, while supplies last!

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