This Is How We Do It

Diana J. Nucera, Co-Director of Allied Media Projects, will present at "This Is How We Do It." Organized around the theme of "another world, under construction," this "festival of dialogues" is presented Friday April 20 - Sunday April 22 at Cooper Union, in New York City.

Event sponsor, The Foundry Theatre, is bringing people to NYC from all over the world - people who are living and working within alternative practices of economics, safety, media/communications, and politics. The event will feature a "there-are-other-ways-to-do-things" show & tell featuring remarkable local, national and international innovators. The event organizers write:

Something remarkable is happening all over the world – a kind of rising energy of visionary practice that operates beyond protest & traditional notions of revolution. There's barely even language for it yet – some use the phrase "building a new world in the shell of the old," others quote Gandhi and call it "be(ing) the change you want to see."

However words may fail, millions of people are actually building new economies, politics, media, safety practices and so much more. Some of these people are coming to NYC - from Argentina, South Africa, Brazil and the USA - to speak with us and each other; to share the experience - both creative and practical - of remaking the world around us from the inside out.

RJ and I are overjoyed to bring so many inspiring and vibrant people to join us here in NYC. We want you to meet them and we want them to meet you. We've instituted a sliding scale ticket system inviting you to choose a price based on your economic ability.

We hope you'll join us.


All tickets and weekend passes are priced on a sliding scale. You are invited to choose your price based on your economic ability. Tickets are available here.

Diana will present on the topic of "Another Media" alongside Claudia Acuña, investigative journalist and founding member of the communications cooperative "La Vaca" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other presenters at "This Is How We Do It" include Grace Lee Boggs, Nelson Johnson, Andrea Smith, and Amy Goodman.

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