Movement//Movement Dance & Performance Practice Space at AMC2012 seeks session proposals

Calling all dancers, actors, movement instructors, performance artists, and body-movers! The AMC2012 "Movement//Movement Dance & Performance Practice Space" is seeking session proposals.

Also check out the general AMC2012 call for session proposals.

The Allied Media Conference is less than four months away and we are looking for people to propose sessions, workshops, performances, and activities for the AMC2012 Movement//Movement Dance & Performance Practice Space.


Our bodies are maps of our memories, our lineage, our scars, our beauty, the conditions we work and breathe under, our minds. The Movement//Movement space will explore the ways we use our bodies (from the dance floor to the stage to our paths down the sidewalk) to transform our environments, our communities, and ourselves. Decolonizing from the inside out: moving to release the injustice we've internalized in our bodies. We will share performance practices, explore movement and theater for many bodies and abilities, and manifest the relationships between body movement and social movements through structured and unstructured theater and movement classes, technical dance classes, conversations around the role of performance arts in education and our communities. No experience necessary!!


For the four days of the AMC (June 28 - July 1) we will have the awesome auditorium space at Wayne State University dedicated exclusively to the practice of exploring movement as a form of embodiment, healing, community building, art/media making, and social transformation. We can use the space for whatever we want. Here are some examples of the possibilities:

  • performance fishbowls
  • technique workshops (voguing, miming, wheelchair dance, stretching, tap, ballet, breaking...)
  • dance therapy
  • ciphers
  • discussions
  • sessions about body memory, performance-building practices, theatre of the oppressed, etc
  • improv jams


We want proposals for any of the above kinds of activities that you want to facilitate or coordinate. To submit a session proposal, you will need to go through the AMPTalk website. Proposals are due March 14 but don't let the deadline intimidate you! For now all we need is a proposal, not a full-fledged plan or outline. AMP’s Content Coordinator, Morgan (, can help advise the submission process for those who need support.

We want participants for performance fishbowls who are willing to show and discuss excerpts of their work. If you are interested in this, email We want you to spread the word to all your movement/theater/performance peeps!

If you have any questions, contact us! And if you want to contribute, but aren't sure how, PLEASE drop us a line.

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