AMC2012 Network Gathering: "Werk it! a Trans & Queer Youth Network Gathering"

FIERCE and Branching Seedz of Resistance (BSEEDZ) at the Colorado Anti-Violence Program are teaming up to bring you "Werk it! a Trans & Queer Youth Network Gathering" at the 14th annual Allied Media Conference.

WERK IT! - JUNE 28, 2012

This day-long mini-conference for trans & queer youth is an exciting way to kick off the 2012 AMC. Held on Thursday, June 28, Werk It! will be a space for queer & trans youth to have in-depth strategy conversations about ways to create and utilize media to strengthen our connections and organizing work and to share resources and information with each other. We'll spend time building with one another, sharing our work and organizing models, and planning ways we can use the AMC as an organizing space to implement ideas and projects, both new and old, such as developing a national online map of queer & trans youth orgs and projects and creating shared social media platforms. To sign up to receive updates, email or

Werk It! will bring together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth organizers from across the country for a day of fabulous, creative, and radical media-making and strategizing! Through interactive activities, skill-shares and strategy sessions, we will share knowledge, develop leadership and build a network for strengthening the power of our communities to fight back—locally, regionally and nationally! Together, we will plan ways to use the AMC as an organizing space to activate ideas developed by queer and trans youth who participated in the 2010 and 2011 Trans & Queer Youth Track. Network Gatherers will work on implementing social media platforms to amplify youth voices, create mapping tools to share information, and explore ideas for broader collaborations. We will also discuss ways to build and maintain active, sustainable networks that support youth-organizing efforts across geographical borders and help us stay connected throughout the year.


The 2012 AMC is going to be out of this world, with over 21 Tracks, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces. There are a number of amazing tracks and practices spaces for your workshop to be connected to, or you can propose a session that stands alone in its awesomeness. We want to have trans and queer youth-led workshops represented throughout the conference this year and explore the ways in which our work intersects with the range of media-organizing represented at the AMC.

Be sure to check out the following resources:
Descriptions of this year's Tracks, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces
Frequently Asked Questions about AMC sessions
Then submit your proposal at AMPTalk.
For questions, details or help developing a proposal, feel free to contact Eleanor Dewey at or Manny Vaz at

The AMC is a rare opportunity for LGBTQ youth to build a growing youth-led national movement, create new collaborations and share skills and knowledge to bring back to our communities!

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