AMC2012 Network Gathering: Nation Inside

"Nation Inside: Communication Strategies Against Mass Incarceration" is one of seven "Network Gatherings" hosted at Wayne State University in the day's before the 14th annual Allied Media Conference.

Read here their invitation to participate in the gathering.


Are you part of a dedicated grassroots group fighting a campaign against mass incarceration? Are you campaigning against your state privatizing its prisons, the cost of prison phone calls, building immigration detention centers, or making policies that continue a broken and expensive criminal justice system?

Would your campaign benefit from stronger messaging, better communication capacity, and a broader base of support? If so please consider joining us for Nation Inside.

We'll kick off Nation Inside on June 28th with a network gathering of criminal justice reform advocates all across the United States. Nation Inside is a training camp for advocates who are organizing grassroots campaigns for criminal justice reform; who want to participate in an intensive and fun network gathering; and who want to work together to advance our campaigns’ use of communication strategies. We will pick up flip-cams, test our messaging, build our communication capacity, and network with other advocates from across the United States.


Where: Detroit, MI (Wayne State University)
When: Nation Inside is June 27-29th. (the 27th is a travel day the 29th is in the AM only) The Allied Media Conference is from June 29th - July 1st.
Cost: AMC registration is on a sliding scale from $40.00 to $100.00. Housing is $45.00 per night. You must cover your own travel expenses. Registration covers the cost for both the network gathering and the Allied Media Conference. (opening of AMC conference registration, coming soon)

Note: You do not have to attend the entirety of the AMC to participate in Nation Inside, but the cost of participation in Nation Inside is included in your AMC registration costs.

We have a limited number of travel scholarships available, and, in addition, we have seed grants to help you organize grassroots funds in your local community. We will have a “briefing conference call” to explain how people can fundraise to attend NATION INSIDE and the ALLIED MEDIA CONFERENCE.

Questions: Contact Nick Szuberla at

Nation Inside is organized in part by Thousand Kites, Human Rights Defense Center/Prison Legal News, AdvoCare, RIHD, and Between the Bars.

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