AMC2012 "Analog" track calls for proposals

Check out the "Analog" track call for session proposals!

Also check out the general AMC2012 call for session proposals.


Be a part of the Allied Media Conference! It's a weekend of workshops and panel discussions, hands-on workshops, presentations and events. Come learn about technology in all it's forms. A few years ago there was a turn in the conference towards technology and digital media—you know blogs and web sites and Internet magazines and stuff. Amazing things, all of them. The Analog Track seeks to amplify the voices of folks who still use their hands to build/make things.

Silkscreeners, print artists, widdlers, book-binders, welders, collage-creators, mixTAPE we proposed the AMC2012 Analog Track. A "track" is kind of a general theme that a series of sessions will fit into.

The Analog Track will be focusing on non-digital hands on skills and practices. Join us! If you want to propose a session, have a skill you'd love to share, an idea you've been playing with: bring it here!

Visit AMPTalk to submit a proposal. Submit a short statement of your idea (a proposal for your workshop!)


basically anything that's not tied down to computers:

  • Zines and comics (how to make them, movies about them, panel discussions about them)
  • Music: how to make a tape, LP, record with a four track or how to play an instrument, be in a band ecetera.
  • Art: Period. (how to, discussions about it)
  • Survival Skills: not necessarily media but shit people should know.
  • Cool Sh!t People Do: sports, using film, spray painting, making cool things with copy machines, how to not get arrested, throwing events, broadcasting radio, planting gardens, fixing motorcycles, how to skateboard, activism, carpentry, brewing beer, writing/acting/putting on plays, riding trains, cooking good food...bring it/do it.

Your proposal doesn't have to be a workshop, either. You can show a film, organize a panel discussion, or whatever else you can think of.

The conference is from June 28th-July 1st in Detroit, Michigan.

Love. Always!
-Josh and Sicily (Analog Track Coordinators)

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