"Research Justice" call for session proposals

The AMC2012 "Research Justice" track has issued their call for session proposals and launched a website to promote the track.

Also check out the general AMC2012 call for session proposals.


Research is an essential part of creating the knowledge required to enact change. Communities have first hand experience of oppressions, and research is a tool to package those experiences so that it can be used strategically to affect change. For example, domestic workers in New York documented working conditions in their industry and used the data to pass the first ever statewide Bill of Rights. Students in Oakland interviewed their peers to create recommendations that were included in the school district’s strategic plan that would better serve students’ needs. Profiles of restaurant owners informed the strategy to win back wages for workers.

Help us build a new regime of knowledge, that can empower communities now and into the future, as we collectively face global economic contraction and devastating ecological crises. We are looking to foment a revolution in research and knowledge production, starting with our gathering in Detroit this summer 2012.

To that end, we call for sessions that fall into the following categories:

  • How-to: Hands on, tools, methods, skillshares.
  • Theory: theory, strategy, history, postcolonial, decolonial, militant coresearch, movement-based research, liberatory knowledge, revolutionary inquiry.
  • Examples: Existing research projects, such as Occupy Research, Excluded Workers, youth models, etc.
  • Case studies: challenges and lessons learned.
  • Participant Action Research: Deconstructing Detroit, visions of a city of hope, what is media-based organizing, definitions of a community media economy.
  • Future: National strategy/working meetings, ongoing research network.
  • To submit a proposal, go to AMPTalk. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2012. Contact info@researchjustice.com for more information.

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