"Media Policy for Love & Justice" call for session proposals

Here is a call for proposals for the AMC2012 "Media Policy for Love & Justice" track.

Also check out the general AMC2012 call for session proposals.

Hello Community Media and Social Justice Allies,

Free Press, the Media Action Grassroots Network, Media Justice League and People’s Production House are coordinating this year’s Media Policy for Love & Justice track at the 14th Annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit from June 28- July 1, 2012!

We are very excited to be a part of this incredible gathering of activists, artists, organizers and social justice allies and are reaching out to you to please join us and submit a session proposal by March 14th.

Please check out below for a brief track description including the types of workshops we’re looking for and a short list of workshop suggestions.


When we create loving, sustainable and just media policies, we inject creativity into our culture, accelerate the rate of social change and create stronger communities. Right now the music we hear on corporate radio, the lack of diverse viewpoints in mainstream media and our ability to access the information we want on the Internet and our cell phones are all the result of complex policies that are influenced by a few very rich and rapidly consolidating corporations. This is serious stuff, but together we are more powerful than corporate giants. Join us as we unleash our creativity, humor and collective power to vision a future with media policies that support social justice movements. We will break down complex issues into language that is relevant to us and redefine what’s possible.


This track will feature interactive sessions, skill shares, popular education tools, opportunities for collaborations, and organizing strategies to engage people with media policy issues and get them involved in media change efforts. We’re looking for the voices, vision and approaches that center the voices of marginalized communities including: communities of color, Rural and Tribal Communities and American’s poor.

We encourage proposals to incorporate creative and accessible ways that will help communicate media policy in a “non-wonk” way. Proposal makers should consider integrating humor, art, popular education, games, performance and other methods that ensure a wide range of accessibility.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of media policy and tools you can use to share this information with your community. We don’t want this track to have panels, but instead to feature best practices, case studies and organizing solutions that include interactive and accessible ways to communicate, strategize and organize on media policy issues.

Proposals must be posted to the AMPTalk website.


  • Media policy games for kids

  • Supporting technological sustainability and decreasing techno waste

  • Privacy and security policy

  • Understanding your cell phone bill

  • Global Internet freedom  

  • Tech choices for healthy media policy and communities

  • The Lobby Game

  • Social Media / Beyond Facebook

  • Prison Phone Policy

  • Prepaid Phones / Calling Cards

  • Pop Ed tools for media policy

  • Rural Access

  • Community Networks, new models for access outside of traditional ISP’s

Your creative insights to shape, revise, and extend these workshops is most welcome, of course! 

With love and media justice,

Chance, Candace, Ernesto, Betty and Carlos

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