Call for proposals for the AMC2012 track "Imagining Better Futures Through Play"

Some of the AMC2012 Tracks and Practice Spaces are producing customized calls for proposals to supplement the general AMC2012 call for proposals. Read below to see what "Imagining Better Futures Through Play" is looking for in session proposals for their track.


We play games because they are fun! They let us inhabit different worlds and help us tell our stories. Designing and playing brings us together in spaces that encourage experimentation, collaborative problem-solving, and helps us understand and re-imagine the nuts and bolts of complex systems. This track is focused on building movements through creative play, questioning how games teach us, resisting the dominant narratives produced by the video game industry, and working together to learn and hone key creative and technical skills though hands on workshops. We will explore conventional games (such as board & video games), physical and movement games, and new forms of play like simulations and alternate reality. We will share how our communities are using gaming and simulation to collectively imagine — and build — a better world.


We're looking for track sessions that do one (or more!) of these things: 1) teach/practice technical or creative skills; 2) address and brainstorm about conceptual issues; 3) allow space for playing together. These proposals can take the form of workshops, panel discussions, facilitations, skillshares, or something else altogether. We are also looking for projects in progress or finished games that fit the mission of the AMC to exhibit at a game fair session. We especially encourage sessions that are: appropriate for all ages or are youth-focused; accessible to people with disAbilities; intersect with other topics that are being addressed during this year's AMC; or are oriented toward affinity groups traditionally excluded from the gaming community. Proposals are due March 14! Game on!

Proposals must be posted to the AMPTalk website.


  • Storytelling/scriptwriting
  • Principles of rule design
  • Cooperative game design
  • Producing & distributing your finished project
  • Combating/deconstructing hegemony of the video game industry
  • Movement/theater games
  • Alternate reality games
  • 3D modeling concept/tools
  • Open source VR and game building tools

Questions? Email and follow us on Twitter at @PlayAtAMC

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