“No Water, No Life”: A Video by Detroit Future Schools and Youth from The Boggs School

Detroit Future Schools worked with the James and Grace Lee Boggs School over the 2015-2016 school year to implement media arts programming in two classrooms. We are excited to share our video “No Water, No Life,” created by DFS artist-in-residence Bobby Colombo and Janelle Schaeffer’s 4th-6th grade students at the Boggs School.

Detroit Artists for Accountable Development: Vote Yes on A, No on B

On November 8th Detroit voters will be presented with two proposals regarding community benefits agreements: Proposal A and Proposal B. AMP invites you to sign this petition, presented by Detroit Artists for Accountable Development, that shares why Detroit voters and especially Detroit artists should support Proposal A.

Allied Media Projects is Hiring an AMC Program Director

AMP is excited to announce that we are hiring a new AMC Program Director. This position is full time and based in Detroit, Michigan. The deadline to apply is November 27, 2016 at Midnight EST.

Create NED Presents “Explore Northeast Detroit Tour” on October 22nd

Create NED is excited to present the “Explore Northeast Detroit Tour” on October 22nd, highlighting the vibrant resident-led movement that has been transforming District 3 through art, agriculture, and community activism.

Six Reasons You Should Propose a Track, Practice Space or Network Gathering for AMC2017

We are accepting proposals for tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings for the 19th annual Allied Media Conference, June 15-18, 2017. Here are six reasons why you should propose a track, practice space, or network gathering for this year’s conference! The deadline to propose is November 7.