Photo by Vanessa Miller

3 ways to start organizing for AMC2013 today

The Allied Media Conference is a slow-cooked stew. Here in Detroit, the cold has crept in, reminding us that it’s time to start chopping up the AMC ingredients and set them to simmer. Even though there are 232 days between now and AMC2013, it will be here before we know it, and it will be delicious because of all the careful preparation that happens between now and June.

Here are three good ways to start your AMC2013 prep today!

Prometheus Radio Project launches tour to spread community radio across the U.S.

Prometheus Radio Project has supported the Allied Media Conference since way back in the Bowling Green, OH days. They've contributed to the AMC as participants, sponsors, and coordinators, and have organized our community to win the Local Community Radio Act and are supporting the development of grassroots radio stations across the country.

Prometheus is launching a Reclaim The Airwaves Tour and we are pleased to help spread the word. Here are the details on how to get involved.