Help Shape AMC2012 - Take a 10-Minute Survey

Next week, 34 coordinators of the AMC2012 tracks, network gatherings and practice spaces will meet up in Detroit for three days of intensive planning.  

At this meeting, we will launch the six-month process of content-development, cross-network collaboration and grassroots fundraising that will result in a glorious AMC2012.  

We need your input in this planning process! What skills do you want to learn at AMC2012?  What strategy conversations do you want to have?  Who do you want to make sure participates in the conference this year?  

Tell us all these things and more in a super short survey.  It will only take 15 minutes of your time and it will contribute volumes to the awesomeness of this year's AMC.  

If you are inspired to give more detailed input, please fill out an additional survey designed by the coordinators of the Webmaking Track to assess what web development skills should be shared at AMC2012. 

While we will continue to accept responses over the next several months, your input will be MOST VALUABLE to us if we receive it before 9am EST on Friday 1/13.  This will allow us to incorporate your feedback into the coordinators' planning meeting next weekend.  

Thank you for being a part of the AMC network.

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