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Download the AMC2014 Program Book

The program book of the 16th annual Allied Media Conference is the largest ever. At 196 pages, the AMC program book presents the more than 200 sessions, meet-ups, activities, and special events of AMC2014 – all entry-points to the universe of media-based organizing.

At the AMC, we define "media-based organizing" as the use of media, art, or technology to advance a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

The AMP Lapel Pin

We are celebrating the new Allied Media Projects logo with a small batch of high quality cloisonné lapel pins. They're not just for your blazer – they also look fresh on your beanie, backpack, or on a cork board.

We have a small batch of these pins and we are offering them exclusively as a gift of thanks to people who register for the Allied Media Conference before the end of April, and to anyone who signs up as an AMP sustainer.

Explore the full AMC2013 program


The AMC is collaboratively created by hundreds of session presenters and coordinators of Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Click the image below to download the pdf of the very big AMC2013 program:

"How We Organize the AMC Zine Vol. 1" now available for purchase and download

The Allied Media Conference was founded as the Midwest Zine Conference in 1999 and we are excited to carry forward the zine practice and culture as we enter the conference's 15th year with the release of How We Organize the AMC Zine Vol. 1.

Photo by Vanessa Miller

AMC2012 Reflection Survey Summary

We received 247 responses to our post-AMC2012 reflection survey. That is a more than 10% response rate from the nearly 2,000 people who gathered at the AMC. Read on for a report on the results!