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VIDEO | AMC2012 call for session a nutshell!

In our new video public service announcement, AMC Program Coordinator Morgan Willis presents the call for session proposals for AMC2012. Check it and share!

Summary of the AMC2012 Coordinators Gathering

Over the weekend of January 13-15, more than 30 AMC content coordinators from all over the U.S. and Canada joined AMP staff in our Detroit headquarters to kick off planning of the 21 Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings for the 14th annual Allied Media Conference.

We had a weekend full of activities and exercises to collaboratively strengthen the vision and language of each AMC content area, share critical information about conference structure, and build plans to ensure the fluidity and impact of each session.

Photo by Torri Ashford

Announcing AMC2012 Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Submit session proposals now!

AMC2012 features 21 amazing participant-organized Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Read the descriptions here!

You are now invited to submit proposals for AMC sessions. Submit your proposal at AMPTalk!