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Your Story is Worth Sharing

The room was dim and the spotlight was on me. I was on stage regretting my decision to share my story with the audience of Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers (SSOTS). I was an utter wreck. I couldn't remember my opening line, my throat became dry, I could feel the crowd’s angst. They were waiting on me to start. I closed my eyes, then opened them. I looked over the audience and spotted a friendly face. I took a deep breath.

Bring the “Detroit Music Box” Community Radio Application to your Neighborhood!

Detroit Music Box is a community radio application that broadcasts stories and media from people living in the Cass Corridor. We are excited to share that you can now download and install Music Box for your own neighborhood!

A fishbowl discussion in Ms. Gross’s 5th grade class

DFS Classroom Visit: "Thinking about your thinking!"

"Thinking about your thinking!"

This is what the 5th graders in Allie Gross’s Detroit Future Schools classroom at Plymouth Educational Center yell back in unison, in response to the question, "What does metacognition mean?"

Call for Session Proposals: Imagining Better Futures Through Play

Everyone plays games, but why are so many of the most popular games about violence, inequality, and imperialism, and why do they misrepresent our communities for commercial gain? Can't they reflect the world we want to live in instead?

Call for Session Proposals: I ♥ Print Media

Calling all writers, editors, zine-makers, print-designers, and/or comic strip drawers, I ♥ Print Media is for you! If you are a creative organizer, activist, or dreamer that wishes you could magically print out ideas straight from your brain, then this Allied Media Conference track is for you.