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Critical Connections in the Pod and Beyond: an Interview with Complex Movements

Complex Movements is a Detroit-based artist collective that includes Wesley Taylor, Waajeed, Invincible/ill, Carlos "L05" Garcia, and producer Sage Crump. Their current project, “Beware of the Dandelions,” will return to Dallas for a second time this fall, November 20-22 and December 3-5.

Final Performances: Complex Movements presents 'Beware of the Dandelions'

You have three more chances to catch a performance of Complex Movements - Beware of the Dandelions (work-in-progress) at the Charles Wright Museum of African America History.

Call for Session Proposals: Science & Social Movements

Why do organizers love science metaphors so much? Rhizomes, dandelions, "grassroots." Maybe it’s our conscious or subconscious desire to realign human social organization with the organization of the natural world.