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It's time to propose a session for AMC2013. Ready, steady, go!

We are now accepting session proposals for the 15th annual Allied Media Conference. The deadline to propose a workshop, panel discussion, caucus or strategy session is Friday, March 8.

Photo by Vanessa Miller

3 ways to start organizing for AMC2013 today

The Allied Media Conference is a slow-cooked stew. Here in Detroit, the cold has crept in, reminding us that it’s time to start chopping up the AMC ingredients and set them to simmer. Even though there are 232 days between now and AMC2013, it will be here before we know it, and it will be delicious because of all the careful preparation that happens between now and June.

Here are three good ways to start your AMC2013 prep today!

VIDEO | AMC2012 call for session a nutshell!

In our new video public service announcement, AMC Program Coordinator Morgan Willis presents the call for session proposals for AMC2012. Check it and share!

Movement//Movement Dance & Performance Practice Space at AMC2012 seeks session proposals

Calling all dancers, actors, movement instructors, performance artists, and body-movers! The AMC2012 "Movement//Movement Dance & Performance Practice Space" is seeking session proposals.

Summary of the AMC2012 Coordinators Gathering

Over the weekend of January 13-15, more than 30 AMC content coordinators from all over the U.S. and Canada joined AMP staff in our Detroit headquarters to kick off planning of the 21 Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings for the 14th annual Allied Media Conference.

We had a weekend full of activities and exercises to collaboratively strengthen the vision and language of each AMC content area, share critical information about conference structure, and build plans to ensure the fluidity and impact of each session.