Call for Session Proposals: (NO) Blank Slates: A DET X NOLA Cultural Exchange

We find it problematic when the term "Blank Slates" or "Blank Canvas" or "Clean Slate" comes into popular use in describing Detroit or New Orleans' present states post-disaster. Neither city is truly a "Blank Slate" – indeed there are layers upon layers of rich culture and history still present. And most importantly, there are people there.

New Orleans Delegation at AMC2012

AMC2012 Reflections: New Orleans Delegation

Organizers in New Orleans coordinated to bring a delegation of a dozen representatives from a diverse spectrum of organizations to AMC2012. These included Neighborhood Partnerships Network, 2-Cent TV, New Orleans Youth BreakOUT!, and Kids ReThink New Orleans Schools. This was one of the most exciting delegations of the AMC, connecting New Orleans and Detroit, two cities with much in common and much to learn from one another.