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Jenny Lee presents the "City As Ecosystem"

DFM3 Orientation Explores the Purpose of Media and Technology

Detroit Future Media launched it’s third round of community media trainings (DFM3), with an orientation for new students on January 15th and 16th. The DFM3 class of 55 Detroiters represent a variety of communities, experiences, neighborhoods and identities throughout the city.

Photo by Carleton Gholz

Results from the pre-AMC2012 survey

"I want to learn to create, to be visionary, to think differently, to collaborate, to tell stories and to listen really, really well."

Over the past 13 years, the Allied Media Conference has grown and transformed significantly. We describe our work as conference organizers through the metaphor of earthworms cultivating healthy soil. We identify the right balance of nutrients (workshops, strategy sessions, dance parties, etc.) out of which annual cycles of media-based organizing can grow and flourish.