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from Kat Aaron’s embroidery workshop in the radical textiles skillshare at AMC2013. Photo by Nina Bianchi.

Round-up of AMC2013 Reflections

AMC2013 generated a bountiful collection of reflective social media, more than any AMC prior.

We’ve compiled here a collection of all the AMC2013 content that was posted to AMPtalk or shared via Twitter with the hashtag #amc2013. If this collection is missing links to something important, please share a link to it in the comments on this post.

VIDEO | Live streaming schedule of AMC2012 sessions

Our volunteer documentation crew will be live streaming select sessions of the Allied Media Conference. See below for the weekend's schedule and links to view, or bookmark the channel here.

Image from the "American Kills" project by Sebastian Errazuriz

"Research Justice" call for session proposals

The AMC2012 "Research Justice" track has issued their call for session proposals and launched a website to promote the track.