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Preparing a silkscreen of an original design in the Graphics class

Register for workshops in Beatmaking or Wearable Electronics

DFM For Everyone! Detroit Future Media (DFM) is opening up a select number of media making workshops to the public.

DFM Saturday Series: "Design One-Øh!-One"

Are you tired of that same ol’ MS Word letterhead? Have you ever wanted to create a SUPER logo or AMAZING POSTER? Come learn how you can turn ideas into images, logos, or even brands.

AMP Wraps Up First DFM Apprenticeship Program

Allied Media Projects recently completed its first ever Detroit Future Media (DFM) Apprenticeship Program, partnering eight digital media artists with local businesses and community organizations for a Summer-long knowledge exchange. The program provided a critical link between the classroom experiences of Detroit Future Media workshops and real-world application in Detroit's emerging media economy.

Photo by Imad Hassan

Detroit Future Media Apprenticeship Program

Allied Media Projects is wrapping-up of the apprenticeship component of our Detroit Future Media (DFM) training program. The DFM Apprenticeship Program is a three-month continued learning experience for graduates of the Detroit Future Media workshops that began in June.