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AMC2012 Reflection Survey Summary

We received 247 responses to our post-AMC2012 reflection survey. That is a more than 10% response rate from the nearly 2,000 people who gathered at the AMC. Read on for a report on the results!

Live documentation of #AMC2012 with AMPtalk

We just overhauled the look of the AMPtalk discussion platform and are rolling out new features to support live documentation of the 14th annual Allied Media Conference. Many thanks to our web design and development partners The Work Department.

Plan your approach: 3 tools for exploring AMC2012

The 14th annual Allied Media Conference features over 200 participant-organized sessions, caucus meetings, strategy sessions, network gatherings, practice spaces, music events and parties.

New session browser for the 2012 Allied Media Conference

AMP has been working with our web development and design partners The Work Department to build a new session browser for the 2012 Allied Media Conference, and we are ready to share it with you.

Photo by Torri Ashford

Announcing AMC2012 Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Submit session proposals now!

AMC2012 features 21 amazing participant-organized Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Read the descriptions here!

You are now invited to submit proposals for AMC sessions. Submit your proposal at AMPTalk!