Photo by Vanessa Miller

3 ways to start organizing for AMC2013 today

The Allied Media Conference is a slow-cooked stew. Here in Detroit, the cold has crept in, reminding us that it’s time to start chopping up the AMC ingredients and set them to simmer. Even though there are 232 days between now and AMC2013, it will be here before we know it, and it will be delicious because of all the careful preparation that happens between now and June.

Here are three good ways to start your AMC2013 prep today!

TONIGHT: AMC2012 Music Showcase / Unofficial Annual AMC Soccer Game / Treehouse party

The AMC is ready to party! See below for set times for the AMC2012 Music Showcase, details on the Treehouse gathering, and unofficial annual AMC soccer.

TONIGHT: Go bowling or hang in the Treehouse

Our tradition of music, bowling, and karaoke fabulosity continues with the Allied Media Conference 2012 Music / Bowling Extravaganza. Or you could check out the alternative Treehouse party.

The AMC2012 Really Rad Radio Broadcast!

Tune into AMC's 5th annual live radio broadcast, the raddest radio in Detroit. All through this weekend, we will be occupying the airwaves and bringing you the latest news in grassroots media justice strategies and transformative organizing live from the conference.

Transformative Art Practice Space call for volunteers

The Transformative Art Space is calling for Amazing Volunteers. The AMC2012 Transformative Art Practice Space, will be kicking art and taking names!