AMP Blog: AMC2014

Photo of the Transformative Arts Practice Space by Ara Howrani

Our takeaways from the AMC2014 Reflections Survey

In the months since the 16th annual Allied Media Conference, we’ve spent many hours going over feedback from participants, coordinators, and volunteers provided to us through the AMC2014 Reflections Survey and other debrief conversations. This feedback from our network is one of the main tools we use when planning for the evolution of the AMC from year to year.

Photo by Ara Howrani

The AMC2014 Social Media Parallel Universe (our big round up of posts, blogs, video, and audio)

AMC2014 was four beautiful days in June: learning, building, exploring, and dancing in Detroit. But parallel to that universe another Allied Media Conference was taking place… on the Internet.

AMC2014 photo by Ara Howrani

Allied Media Conference: Create / Connect / Transform (VIDEO)

What is the AMC?

"Allied Media Conference: Create / Connect / Transform" is our new video offering an answer to that question. It features footage shot at AMC2014 and interviews with conference organizers and participants.

Lila Cabbil speaking at the closing of the 16th annual Allied Media Conference. Photo by Ara Howrani.

Detroit human rights activists appeal for support to halt water shut-offs

At the closing ceremony of AMC2014, Detroit water rights activist Lila Cabbil called on AMC attendees to "wage love" for a just water system in Detroit. She invited us to use our media-making and our networks to help bring an end to the tens of thousands of water shutoffs taking place throughout the city.

AMC2014 in photos

"It's ok to feel beautiful in the process of creating justice," Sterling Toles remarked during the Opening Ceremony of the 16th annual AMC.

The Allied Media Conference is an intersections of many things: communications strategies and practices, issues and campaigns, and organizing networks. Above all, it is a community of incredible humans.

Our photo collection from AMC2014 captures the many shining faces of our network.