AMP Blog: AMC2013

The post-performance survey by Complex Movements. Photo by Vanessa Miller.

Lessons from the AMC2013 survey results

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on AMC2013. We have spent the past few months pouring over 120 responses to the AMC2013 Reflections Survey. In your responses you told us what you loved about AMC2013, what you learned, and what we could do to make the next AMC even more accessible, creative, skill-driven and community-oriented.

AMC2013 reflections from the Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos Delegation

Check out some AMC reflections and media from the Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos of Los Angeles.

VIDEO | Watch this awesome documentary about the AMC from PhillyCAM

Check out this cool compilation of video footage from the Allied Media Conference produced by our friends at PhillyCAM

AMC2013 reflections from the South Louisiana Delegation

"The road to Detroit for us involved piling into a mini-van, sans air conditioner, and driving 19 hours across several states. We had spent months fundraising for, organizing for, and looking forward to the AMC. The South Louisiana Delegation (aka "Loved Bayou") was an eclectic group of Gulf Coast media-makers, artists, and organizers whose work is rooted in the rural and urban communities we live in."

Photo by Vanessa Miller

Explore beautiful photos from AMC2013

AMCers are photogenic! Photographers Ara Howrani and Vanessa Miller captured the excitement of the AMC in this amazing collection of photographs, which have now been uploaded to our Flickr page.