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MagicNet Network Diagram

Commotion Deployment Report: Allied Media Conference 2012

In a recent blog post, the Open Technology Institute reports on their test deployment of the Commotion wireless networking tool at last year's Allied Media Conference. Commotion is an open-source communication tool that uses mobile phones, computers, and other wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks.

Photo by Vanessa Miller

AMC2012 Reflection Survey Summary

We received 247 responses to our post-AMC2012 reflection survey. That is a more than 10% response rate from the nearly 2,000 people who gathered at the AMC. Read on for a report on the results!

New Orleans Delegation at AMC2012

AMC2012 Reflections: New Orleans Delegation

Organizers in New Orleans coordinated to bring a delegation of a dozen representatives from a diverse spectrum of organizations to AMC2012. These included Neighborhood Partnerships Network, 2-Cent TV, New Orleans Youth BreakOUT!, and Kids ReThink New Orleans Schools. This was one of the most exciting delegations of the AMC, connecting New Orleans and Detroit, two cities with much in common and much to learn from one another.

Photo by Vanessa Miller

AMC2012 Reflections: Morgan Willis, AMC Program Coordinator

Morgan Willis was hired as the Allied Media Conference Program Coordinator in January 2012 and jumped into her role like she'd been doing it for 14 years. We're excited to kick-off a series of post-AMC blog entries with Morgan's reflections on her first AMC.

VIDEO | AMC2012 collaborative animation

This animation took 3 days and 50+ AMC2012 participants to create. From dancing and providing the footage to animating each frame, this is 100% AMC2012 participant-produced!