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Muslim ARC

Being Black and Muslim

Our story begins on February 10, 2014, when we launched MuslimARC with the hashtag #BeingBlackAndMuslim. #BeingBlackandMuslim began trending globally in 7.5 hours on Twitter and within the month, we led a workshop on racial justice for 250 Muslim teens in Detroit.

Since then, MuslimARC has reached over 10,000 people on the ground in more than 30 U.S. cities through workshops, speaking engagements, and trainings. Additionally, we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people online through social media conversations, online panels, and national call-ins.

Our unique approach to racial justice education has impacted thousands of people of all backgrounds and ages. We have provided tools for individuals and institutions to use to work toward increased racial equity and a safe, welcome, and equal world for all.

MuslimARC offers a monthly membership program and consulting/training services. We are available for trainings, workshops, and consultations for community leaders, students, clergy, non-profits, educational institutions, and more.

The MuslimARC network spans thousands of miles and includes hundreds of amazing people. Join us in building this movement by taking our #SacredPledge to #ResistRacism at Check out our short video on “The MuslimARC Story” on Facebook or YouTube, and share our story with your friends today.

Lastly, visit to join as a member, book MuslimARC for services, and explore the ground-breaking work of the Collaborative. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @MuslimARC.