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Building Transmedia Creative Partnerships

Moviement is a transmedia group that uses creative partnerships to connect socially-conscious media to on-the-ground social justice projects. By increasing awareness for both the art and the cause, we create a partnership that amplifies impact, empathy, connection, and community for all parties.

Our current projects include:

  • Street Cred’ – A youth reality show for PBS that follows 8 Detroit youth as they learn entertainment industry skills and how to apply their inner strengths and street smarts to a professional context.
  • The Movie Genome Project (MGP) – A project that uses data and community organizing to disrupt the conventional independent film distribution process and provide greater diversity in stories that end up on screen.
  • "When It All Changed" – A virtual reality film and interactive performance piece that uses VR to enable communities to experience first hand the struggles and thoughts of inner city youth as they relate to police violence, fear, hope and compassion.


  • National Black Programming Consortium
  • A. Scott Foundation
  • The Michigan Theater Foundation
  • The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office

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