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Chrysalis Creative Team

The role of the Chrysalis Creative Team (CCT) is to offer in-depth feedback, strategic visioning and to host community spaces where we can collaboratively imagine the future of the conference. Each member offers a unique lens from their media-based organizing backgrounds to the roles they held as past AMC coordinators, presenters, and participants

The AMC in Chrysalis Team will engage in a process of reflecting on the past 20 years of the Allied Media Conference, deep-dive evaluation, research, and development.

Who is on the creative team?

In addition to AMP staff, here is the group of people forming the AMC in Chrysalis Creative Team:

headshot of Nadine

Nadine Marshall

Content Coordinator, Allied Media Conference

Nadine Marshall is the Content Coordinator of the Allied Media Conference, focusing on content creation and the participatory design of the AMC. They joined the team in 2017 and specializes in strategic planning, community engagement, and program development. Creatively, Nadine is a poet and teaching artist, engaging their passion to uplift, bridge, and empower minority communities through literary arts.

headshot of Leah

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Nine-time AMC Participant
“I'm excited about being a part of dreaming AMC into a future that is deeply accessible for all people- including sick, disabled, parenting, elder, youth and abled people.”

headshot of Catalina

Catalina Nieto

Two-time AMC Participant
“I'm excited to be part of a process of deep reflection, evaluation, creation and action alongside other AMC community, as well as imagining what a multilingual AMC would look like and making it a reality.”

headshot of Eryka

Eryka Marie

AMC@NIGHT Coordinator
“Being a part of the future of the AMC and building stronger connections with individuals that are involved in other areas of the conference.”

headshot of RV

RV Mendoza

Three-time AMC Participant and AMC2018 Digital Host
“I'm excited to help AMC usher in a new era, and I'm humbled to help them tell the Chrysalis story through social media.”

headshot of Ora

Ora Wise

Twelve-time AMC Participant, and Founder of the Dream Cafe
“One thing I am excited about is participating in such an inspiring process of collective reflection and reimagining. It represents such a healthy openness to change, to letting go of structures, identities, formats that don't serve us or can't grow with us- an approach that I hope reverberates beyond the AMC and encourages more nonprofits, organizations, and networks to carve out more time for the reflection part of the cycle of movement building and change making and to commit to the power and purpose of a thing, not the existing container for it. And I'm excited to hang out and imagine and talk and work and be with the beautiful, bold, wonderful AMP fam”

headshot of Shey

Shey Rivera

Five-Time Facilitator and Coordinator of Support for Artists to attend the AMC
“I'm thrilled to be part of the Chrysalis team; learning about the history of growth of AMC, the challenges and successes, and its collective vision for the future. The conversations are rich and centered on how to shape the most inclusive conceptual and physical space, how to further support the growth and experience of the ever-growing AMC community, what tools to have in place so that we can continue to actively support community organizers across the nation, how to elevate disability justice work, and how to respond to a transnational community of attendees. There's so much to learn from the AMC team; this is heart-work, the nurturing of networks of individuals who are at the frontlines of social change across sectors.”

headshot of Halima

Halima Cassells

Six-Time AMC Participant
“I am excited to be a part of this team with amazing people in a collective process of reimagining.”

headshot of Jade

Jade Begay

One-Time AMC Participant
“This Chrysalis process that AMC is bravely entering is a process that is so needed in organizing and media spaces right now. This past fall I took a step back from my roles as a media organizer, producer, and strategist and in this time I've been reflecting on what patterns, structures, and ways of working need to be evaluated in this type of work so that we are more effective at changing narratives and building solutions. Too often, organizations skip moments to reflect and evaluate how we they're functioning, how they're staying relevant, how they're taking care of their people, and how they are making impact. We think there is no time rest and reflect and we get stuck in just responding to urgency without coming up with new and creative strategies or models. AMC is showing us what it is to believe in abundance, what it is to intentionally pause and ask the hard questions about our work, and what it is to have self-awareness as an organization. As I work through my own reflective process as a media maker, I am overjoyed and honored to be doing this work with a team and community that is down to be bold and take risks.”

headshot of Ligaiya

Ligaiya Romero

Two-Time AMC Participant
"Too often, we're asked to race blindly forward for the sake of "progress". AMC's Year in Chrysalis asks us to celebrate the incredible power of stillness. I'm excited to support this growth and transformation by listening, dreaming, and strategizing with our communities."

Wise Council

AMC in Chrysalis Wise Council is a team of long-term AMCers committed to offering their ideas and feedback through each phase of chrysalis. Our AMC in Chrysalis Wise Council members are:

Kat Aaron
Moya Bailey
Teresa Basilio
adrienne maree brown
Sage Crump
Alfredo Lopez
Robin Markle
Sicily McRaven
nate mullen
Tunde Olaniran
Tawana Petty
Celeste Â-Re
Ola Ronke
Sterling Toles
ill weaver